Autumn 2020

published: 09 sept 2020

Summer has ended and autumn is upon us, the weather has got colder and the days are getting shorter!

We’ve had a great summer. Our wheat has been harvested, some as whole crop silage and some as grain feed which we will use to feed the cows in the winter months when they cannot go out into the fields. We’ve also got lots of straw which we use as bedding for the calves.


We’ve already cut two lots of grass silage and are hoping to get in a third cut grass silage in the next couple of weeks, hopefully the weather will hold for this.

We’ve sown the new grass seed in the wheat fields ready for next year and will plant different fields with next year’s wheat crops towards the end of September.

We’ve had a good calving season and lots of healthy calves who will join the main herd in a few years time.

In the cheese dairy, James has taken a couple of weeks holiday and we’ve taken the opportunity to paint some of the stillages (shelving in the cheese store). Cheese making will start up again from Monday 7th September.